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Progress update

January 27th, 2010
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Competition areasThe number of received entries so far is 21 competitors from Belgium, Hungary and Serbia.

The image to the left is a map of competition areas including information about race location, event center, gym, etc.

If you are coming to the village Šušara from Belgrade, there are 3 routes:

  • via Pančevo, Banatski Karlovci and Uljma, also the best and fastest way;
  • via Pančevo,Kovin and Deliblato which we do not recommend because the road between Deliblato and Šušare is in bad condition;
  • via Pančevo,Kovin, Gaj and Bela Crkva which we also do not recommend because the road is considerably longer then the first one.

Expect more info at the beginning of february.

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Course lengths

January 14th, 2010
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trainingIn the tehnical info section you can now find course lengths.

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January progress update

January 8th, 2010
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About the New Year we took to the field in the control maps and finish area.

We did some changes; after checking, we decided to map for the middle distance should be larger scale – 1:7500. The first day will be very tricky due to mixed vegetation, and the second day, courses will be as long as physically and mentally strenuous. But still, first day courses will be fast.

Winners in the male and female elite category win cups – “Master of Deliblato sands” and “Desert Rose”.

BO-Finis-Area-A BO-Finis-Area-B
BO-Finis-Area-C BO-Finis-Area-D
Organization Team Deliblato Sunset

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