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TuMes at BO2013

November 12th, 2012

Elite runners from Finnish club “Turun Metsänkävijät” will participate at
BO2013. They will stay here during Easter holidays and have training camp. It will be great that some of the very strong runners (Martins Sirmais, Edgars “Black Horse” Bertuks, Jussi Suna, Gleb Tikhonov as well as the others) will compete and have preparations here on their way for upcoming relays – Tiomila and Jukola.

There is no better place than Belgrade to work hard during the day and to build team spirit during the night. Belgrade is said to be the new capital of cool, the place where the best nightlife in Europe is happening.

We would say, tough guys in the right place. 🙂

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Accommodations and transport

November 2nd, 2012

Here is a huge list of accommodation and lodging options. There you can find lot’s of the nice hostels and hotels all kind of luxury, in the city and surrounding. Due to the fact two of three stages will be placed in the city you don’t need a take your own transport – you could use a local city transport. That means for cca 10 EUR you can travel all over the city during your stay in Belgrade.

First stage on Friday transport will be cover by organizer.

For more information about transport you can contact us by e-mail:

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